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In 1907, the Detroit Tigers claim their first AL pennant, but an anomaly in the final standings causes baseball to make a vital change. And the Chicago Cubs win their first of consecutive world titles.
The city of Chicago writes most of the headlines during the 1906 baseball season. The Cubs and White Sox face off in an intracity World Series. I forget to mention it in the episode, but for an in-depth look at Chicago’s 40-year-long annual postseason City Series, check out Terry Bonadonna’s great podcast called “Chicago’s Civil...
In the 1905 MLB season, New York Giants pitcher Christy Mathewson becomes the first iconic athlete of 20th century America by dominating the season and the World Series, which is formally established as the sport’s world championship.
The Dead Ball era of modern baseball begins in earnest in 1904. The greatest rivalry in the game’s history premieres in the first true pennant race of the century. However, the season unfortunately ends without a second World Series.
After two years of intense fighting, the National League acknowledges the American, with the rivals signing an official agreement to become the majors before the 1903 season. And the league champions face off in the first modern World Series.
The 1902 MLB season saw the American League fend off challenges and push the established National League toward acknowledging the rival league and possible peace negotiations.
We begin our yearly focus with 1901, the start of the modern era of baseball. The American League joins the established National League in the majors and the two go to war over players and fans.
In this very first episode of The Pastime Timeline podcast, we’ll briefly cover the history of the National pastime through the end of the 19th century leading up to the dawn of the modern era.

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